You, your e-class and copyright: Being a Role Model Digital Citizen

But I can do that, I am using it for the school and do not make money off it as it is educational use of copyrighted material under the claim of Fair Use. How many times did you hear teachers making this statement? How many times do we find a good worksheet from the internet, copy it and hand it out to the class. Even better, the class ask you to post it as a PDF on Facebook or on your Blog!

Are you really sure this is true? Do you know the difference between Copyrighted Material, Creative Commons and Public Domain content and when can you really claim Fair Use? Don’t you think that it is vital to consider this?

And here the low blow: Think how quick you are to lecture your students about plagiarism …….. Now ask yourself if you are modelling good digital citizenship for your students? Or is it a do as I tell you relationship?

It is for these reasons that it is vital for educators to become familiar with this while they embark on creating e-classes. It is also vital that schools should consider developing a school policy in regards to copyright and even going beyond that by advocating for good digital citizenship.

Fortunately a lot of the work was already done (can I use it and if I want to how can I use it?) and I would like you to go read the following Blog-links:

There is also a link to a free online course on the Coursera-Website: (Also see my posting about COURSERA)

Make sure you stay relevant but never lose your values!

(O, and in the spirit of openness and copyright: My daughter directed me to the post on “Langwitches”. Hope I have declared everything now, and can sleep with a clear conscious?)